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Introduction to Json Web Tokens

AWS Cognito User Pool

Automated Tweets with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

A Clojurescript API Server in Docker using ExpressJS

A CD Pipeline in Amazon Web Services

Building a Stopwatch using only HTML and CSS

Secure hosting using SSL and AWS CloudFront

[SUPERCEDED] Using Traefik Proxy with Docker Compose and LetsEncrypt (version 1.3)

Reducing Docker Image Size

Letter to my Younger Self

Dear Ian,

You are sitting there uncertain about your future direction, trying to decide what your next step should be. You have doubts about what you should be doing and whether you are able to do it. Just remember that there is no single path to follow, you will have a variety of different jobs through your career and things will usually work out okay.

To help you as you go, here is some advice I (and therefore you) have picked up along the way …