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JWT Parsing with Javascript

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A Clojurescript API Server in Docker using ExpressJS

A CD Pipeline in Amazon Web Services

Cross Framework Messaging

With the proliferation of Javascript frameworks, I found myself in the situation where I needed two different UI elements — built with two different Javascript frameworks — to communicate with each other.

Rather than choosing to migrate one onto a different framework, I looked at a way of allowing them to send messages to each other using the Mediator Design Pattern.

Using this pattern, I have an example of an Angular app, a React app, and a plain Javascript app communicating.

Very Light Javascript

I recently needed to put together a quick proof of concept for a small project and decided to use this as an opportunity to try out a lighter than light approach to Javascript I’d been thinking of for a while.

Whilst frameworks like Bootstrap are already quite light, I wanted to see if I could remove even more. With all the Angular 2 kerfuffle, I wanted to look for another framework which I can use instead. I also wanted to drop gulp and just try using npm instead.


Functional Example

Curried Javascript